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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Born and raised in the Niagara Region, I am passionate about my community and helping others, both on a personal and business level.


I completed my undergraduate studies in Business and Operations Management and received an MBA from Niagara University, so finances, client relationships and most importantly, an entrepreneurial spirit are second nature to me.

My relentless commitment to success is apparent in every interaction I have with my clients. I always strive to match my clients’ needs and wants to their future financial goals and won't stop until I find you the perfect mortgage. 

As a mom of two young daughters, I understand the importance of financial stability and creating a balanced home environment. I aim to provide this same balance for my clients, and I always encourage those I work with to reach out to me for practical advice in regards to budgeting and financial management to prepare for purchasing a home. My clients truly become family and I always want to see my family happy, whole and successful in life.

My Community

When I'm not busy crunching numbers and assisting my clients with home ownership, I enjoy volunteering with local non-profit organizations and supporting community events. My involvement stems from my life motto of helping others to succeed and achieve individual empowerment. Over the years I've had the opportunity to participate in some amazing volunteer opportunities, community fundraisers and educational talks and this is something that I look forward to continuing in the future as well.

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